Emissions Monitoring

I have worked in the emissions monitoring industry since 2016 and have recently joined Alkali Environmental as a Technical Manager.

Alkali Environmental is a new generation of emission monitoring supplier, built on leading edge technology and unencumbered by the dated administrative systems and ageing equipment held by other companies.

In my role I have primary responsibility for the technical aspects of the company’s quality management system, the set-up and maintenance of the reporting systems and delivering monitoring projects through site team leadership.

Set up just a few years ago, we have been free to view the emissions monitoring market as a start-up would and this has made us one of the fastest growing emissions monitoring contractors in the UK.

When Alkali began breaking into the market a lot of people would ask how we planned to take on the big long-established corporations who have dominated the industry. On a local scale size doesn’t matter, customer service does and it’s this customer focus that we endeavour to put into all that we offer.

A big part of our ambition is our lean quality system and reporting technology. We developed our reporting system alongside our monitoring teams to make it easier and faster for personnel to complete sampling and reporting while maintaining outstanding levels of service to our clients. Our report writing technology helps us run a fast, efficient operation and has helped unlock the wide-ranging benefits of speed and reliability.

Our systems are now delivering strong advantages for us as we spend less time on administration and more time on what matters, our clients.

Alkali Environmental are based in Yorkshire and provide emissions monitoring services nationwide.

Alkali at Brighouse, West Yorkshire